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Wheel Repair Services

It would seem the ideal roads should not cause problems with the undercarriage. But the weather conditions in the UAE dictate otherwise. The hot and humid climate makes its insidious things. Parts of car undercarriage don’t consist of metal components only. For soft and comfortable running, car undercarriage contains rubber elements such as bushings, bump stops, dust caps, hood guards, and more. Prolonged use of cars in hot climates leads to drying up, cracking and breaking of rubber parts resulting in a different kind of knocking and creaking when driving. Not serviceable undercarriage can lead to an uneven course against the car running line, instability, and sidewise skiddin. All this can lead to disastrous results, not only to the car, but also to other road users. Our company carries out a thorough diagnosis and subsequent competent auto repair, followed by the computer control of wheel geometry (wheel alignment). Damaged or scratched rims can easily ruin the appearance of any vehicle. Astra can bring back the original look of your precious vehicle. For wheel repair in Dubai, we are using the highest quality of tools, equipment, products, and techniques. Damaged wheels also taper down the value of your vehicle, and make it look like a mishandled car. We can turn it into factory new condition. Our mechanics are trained to deal every make and model as per company’s specifications.

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    Range of Wheel Repairing Services

    Dent Removal
    Using simple methods and combining it with unique techniques we remove all dings and dents.

    Kerb Damage Repair
    we provide curb damage repair and refurbishment to make wheels look new.

    Wheel Straightening
    Our technicians fix the vibration in the wheel and make it straight.

    Wheel Buckle Removal
    Whether it’s a bent rim or buckled wheel we can fix it

    Corrosion Removal & Repair
    To enhance the value of your vehicle, let us make your wheels shine by removing corrosion

    Wheel Leak Repair
    If your tire is leaking air from rim or any other place, we can repair it

    Wheel Welding
    We can weld and repair the wheels if they went through accident.

    Crack Repair
    Hot weathers can make nicks cracks which can be repair easily

    Wheel Paint Refinishing
    Make your wheel look factory new by taking our services of paint

    Wheel Buckle Removal
    Whether it’s a bent rim or buckled wheel we can fix it

    Brake Dust Corrosion Removal
    Brake dust can eat up alloy in your words, come to our workshop for its removal

    Our Repair Process in 3 Steps

    Wheel Preparation
    Our mechanics rotate wheels on spindles and push tire away from rims.

    Wheel Repair
    We repair wheels after running diagnostics and you save money and time

    Paint, Finish & Test
    We repair it, paint it, perform quality check and make your wheel look new

    What Our Customers Say

    They did a great job when I take my car for wheel repair. Within no time they removed corrosion and paint it back.

    If you want quick repair service with the highest quality, they are the one you should choose.