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Auto Diagnostic Services in Dubai

Cars’ engine or interior problems can be challenging to define for many technicians, but with Astra, car diagnostic in Dubai became an easy procedure. We have a team of certified mechanics who have the experience, skills, and the most advanced technology to perform the service. Whether it’s the starter, battery, sensors, alternator, computer, cables & connections, lights, or any other specific or non-specific issue, our car diagnostic experts will accurately reveal the root cause of damage in your car, instead of guessing the problem. At Astra, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of top-notch and technologically advanced tools to identify issues efficiently and effectively and save your time and money.

The diagnosis of the car includes the following elements:

  • Condition of the car body and paintwork;
  • Frame construction;
  • Engine;
  • Undercarriage;
  • Transmission;
  • Control modules.

We'll walk you through each stage.
So you understand how it all works.

Our Range of Diagnostic Services

Our well-trained mechanics for sports and luxury cars can accurately discover the error or problem by car diagnostics and run the necessary steps to repair it.

Computer Car Diagnostics
We use the latest computer-based technology for diagnostic.Car fault code reader. We use highly authentic code readers to save your money and time.


Check Engine Light Diagnostics
Our technicians can check engine lights and find out the trouble.

Battery Service/Test
Let us check the batteries and discover the root cause to fix it.

Code Retrieval
We can retrieve fault code or OBD through vehicle’s diagnostic

Standard diagnostic checks
Our auto diagnostic services eliminate the guesswork for repairing.

Change of engine settings (if necessary)
We adjust and modify the engine setting through tested methods

Performance Tuning
Let us make your car run smoothly with detailed performance tuning.

Reset of Airbag, ABS & Computer Lights
we can fix all the extra parts of your vehicle in no time.

Electronic Detection of all Faults on the Engine
We can figure out the issues through our highly efficient electronic detection.

Injector Washing
If you are facing issues with any parts try our safest injector washing.

Cleaning Nozzles in Ultrasound
We can thoroughly clean narrow tubes and nozzles.

Ignition System Adjusting
We can make your vehicle ignition system up to the mark.

Ignition Timing Adjustment
We can adjust the timings of ignition as per tour requirements

Sensor Replacement
We can save a lot of money on by replacing the sensors in your car

Motor Tester Diagnostic
We can perform a comprehensive diagnostic to make your car’s engine flawless.

How Car Diagnostic Works

Call / Visit Us
Give us a call and arrange for diagnostic or roadside assistance or visit our workshop to find out the problems in your car.

As per the condition of your vehicle, we will conduct a thorough diagnostic to eliminate the issues.

We can repair your car and replace the damaged part within few hours or maximum 2 days if the problem is drastic.