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Car Painting Services in Dubai

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    Detailing and painting a vehicle is more than just a routine service at any workshop. For high-end luxury cars, such as Mercedes, BMW, and Audi this kind of job require precaution and extra care. Make sure that the workshop you select for car paint repair understands the significance of meticulous and careful work when repairing cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. Astra is a renowned auto body shop to perform the services of paint repair for you. Having a certified team to handle luxury cars and an extensive experience in providing actual finished products, we answer all your car painting needs.

    Car Paint Repair Services Include

    Front & Rear Bumpers
    We can paint and remove the dent to make your vehicle’s bumpers look new.

    4 Doors
    Whether it is a minor or major scratch on the doors, we can paint it off.

    Roof & Bonnet
    If your car’s roof or bonnet is damaged due to any reason, let our expert paint it.

    Luxury cars trunk is also an important asset and we can paint it with additional 100 AED cost.

    We've been doing this since 2009.
    Getting a service is only a call away.

    How 6 Level Painting Process Works

    Scratch Re-fill
    We will scratch the damaged paint off with our tested methods.

    Primer work
    The primary work will be conducted to make the body even.

    We will paint the highest-grade color which resembles the factory results.

    Clear coat
    We will apply the final coat for a finished look with a clear coat.

    Our technicians will polish the color to make it shine and vibrant.

    This will be the last step to make your luxury vehicle look new.

    We deal in these following brands