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Car Detailing Service

Car Detailing Service

At Astra, we make sure that your vehicles get the best services. We offer a compressive range of highest standard car detailing services in Dubai. Our technicians have years of experience in rectifying the paint and all the issues associated with it. Our paint polishing provides the finest shine and gloss and corrects severe dents and flaws with clear results. Your vehicle will shine like a mirror and you can also avail our engines, fixtures, wheels, upholstery, lights and other detailing services. With the top-notch grade and premium products, we do the car detailing like no one else.

Ranges of Detailing We Do

Interior Detailing
We provide comprehensive upholstery and interior detailing.

Exterior Detailing
From body paint to dent repair, get the best results.

Paint Protection
Get mirror-like results from paint protection resurfacing

Wheel Refurbishment
We offer wheel refurbishment for every type of vehicle, make, and model.

Pointless Dent Repair
Thorough our high-quality methods and products, we offer paintless dent repair

Window Tinting
Fast and efficient windows tinting in different grades can be done at our workshop.

Detailing Packages

  • Standard Package starts form 600 AED
  • Premier Plus + Package Startes form 800 AED
  • 7 Star – “Full Monty” Package Starts From 1000 AED

Process of Car Detailing

Call / Visit Us
you can call us to know about the services of Car detailing or visit our workshop for both interior and exterior detailing.

We start with diagnostics to provide the highest quality of car repair.

Depending on the type of damage, we can do repair and car detailing within hours to 2 days.